She’s EmPOWERed: Detroit senior personifies excellence – from academics to athletics

From academics to athletics, Taylor Weston excels. She’s an honor and international baccalaureate student boasting a 4.0 g.p.a. and member of a history-making lacrosse team. 

And to top it all off, she’s actively involved in the community. 

Taylor, a senior at Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Mich. (Rasheda Kamaria’s alma mater), has demonstrated herself to be a leader. A star lacrosse player and co-captain on one of the first girls lacrosse teams in Detroit, Taylor is making moves on and off the field. 

In addition to her academic and athletic endeavors, she is a member of the Co-Ette Club, an organization dedicated to promoting the values of sisterhood, volunteerism, leadership and philanthropy; a Congress of Future Medical Leaders scholar, and a third-year participant in the Doctors of Tomorrow program at the University of Michigan in preparation to pursue a healthcare career in college. 

“After undergrad, I will be going to med school to become a forensic pathologist,” Taylor said. “Outside of career and school, I want to continue to travel and visit the other countries on my bucket list.”

According to Taylor’s sister Janel Johnson, Taylor learned the importance of giving back to the community at an early age from family members. 

“Whether it is serving food at a homeless shelter or planting flowers at the local senior citizens home, Taylor’s mission is to be a global change maker,” Janel said. 

With Taylor’s dedication, discipline and desire to make a difference, we are certain she will go far. 

Starting Your Own Business: Becoming a Business Owner as a Teenager

By Joyce Wilson

Have you thought about starting your own business but are unsure if you can because you are a teenager? It’s possible to run a business of your own even if you’re not out of high school.

Working for yourself can come with many benefits, including learning how to manage money and teaching you about investing in your company, and it can give you an idea of what type of career you want to pursue in the future. 

The Benefits of Working for Yourself

Working for yourself can teach you many helpful habits when it comes to money management. You can learn about setting aside money to reinvest in your company and estimating how much you’ll need to get started. Building your own business is easier if you have low overhead, or don’t have to spend a lot of money to get set up and run your company. 

For individuals who are trying to build upon their commerce skills, this can be a useful way to solve problems (such as filling a need for your community), showcase your creativity (creating or designing something that people will buy).

Budgeting and Saving While Running a Business

After you have identified what type of business you want to create, set up a budget for your company, planning on how much you will spend. According to experts, this will help stay within spending limits and help you avoid spending too much money before your company has had a chance to take off.

Saving money is important because you’ll want to reinvest earnings into your company. You’ll want to identify what your profits and losses are, and use this information to tweak changes to your company so that you can ensure you are earning as much as possible. 

Potential Work in Animal Care

Are you wondering what type of business you could set up as a teenager? If you love animals, consider working with them and setting up a company that caters to their needs. You could become a dog walker or offer pet sitting services either in your home or the home of the pet’s owner. 

This business model wouldn’t cost much to get started since you’d only need to focus on marketing efforts, and you could take on as many clients as you felt comfortable managing. If you want to stand out from the competition while marketing, try using an online logo maker so you can make custom logos instantly and easily. Select a style and icon, choose the text you want, and you’ll be able to view different logos in a variety of colors and fonts. 

Working with Children

Babysitting can be fun for individuals who like to work with children. Much like pet sitting, you can set your own hours and work as much or little as you would like. You might take care of children for a few hours or a majority of the day. Your efforts will mostly rely on marketing and word of mouth to help you find customers, thereby keeping your costs low and making this a worthwhile venture. 

Even if you are still a teenager, there are plenty of ways to build a business of your own. This can teach you valuable skills that can help you in college and beyond, no matter what you choose to pursue later in life. 

Joyce Wilson is a retired teacher and enjoys sharing lesson plans, resources, and teaching tips on Teacher Spark. Her website is a compilation of practical resources that will inspire student engagement and instill a love for learning. By tapping into a student’s natural creativity and curiosity, Joyce believes that they can take their education to a new level.

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The Girlpreneur Expo is Back!

Are you a girlpreneur or aspiring young entrepreneur in the Detroit area? If so, join us on Saturday, August 13 for the Girlpreneur Expo, hosted by the T-Rose Foundation. The event is free for attendees. Register via Eventbrite or visit Empowered Flower Girl will be there with information about our workshops and programs, including how you can get featured in our She’s EmPOWERed column and attend our Be the Impact Summit this fall.

Empowered Flower Girl one of three Detroit area organizations to win a $5,000 Social Impact Grant

The Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest announced winners of its Social Impact Grants during an awards ceremony on Friday, June 17, in Detroit.

Empowered Flower Girl was selected among three Michigan-based organizations to receive a grant.

Other organizations awarded include: Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice and Quartz Water Source.

“Out of the numerous applications that we received, these three grassroots organizations reflect a value that is also quintessential to Israeli society: taking care of our own and each other” said Yinam Cohen, Consul General of Israel to the Midwest.

Empowered Flower Girl will use the funds to host events this fall, including a Be the Impact Summit in honor of International Day of the Girl and service-learning showcase for youth.

“At Empowered Flower Girl, our tagline is be empowered, live powerfully and this wonderful Social Impact Grant from the Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest will help us continue our work with young people who are being the change in their schools, communities and in the world,” said EFG Founder and Chief Empowering Officer Rasheda Williams.

In 2021, the Consulate provided its first Social Impact Grants in Minneapolis. The Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest is charged with connecting to the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

She’s EmPOWERed: Jet-setting teen encourages others to embrace their uniqueness with Wonderfully Weird campaign 

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It’s a proverb that has been recited for centuries. But for many people, words do hurt. And for others, words are motivation.  

Meet Brooklyn D. – a talented, artistic and unique 14-year-old girl with a kind spirit.  

Last month, a few girls at her school attempted to break her spirit by teasing her, writing “Brooklyn is wird (weird)” on the bathroom wall. Brooklyn was understandably upset. 

But she wasn’t defeated. She didn’t let those words break her. Instead, she worked with her aunt to create the ultimate clap back.  

Brooklyn embraced the moniker and decided that she’s “Wonderfully Weird.” 

With her aunt’s help, she launched the campaign and designed a special t-shirt in support and celebration of anyone who’s been bullied for being uniquely themselves.  

“I created the shirts to let people know to be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin,” said Brooklyn, creator of the Jr. Jetsetter travel blog. “We want to encourage them to be themselves and to not care what anybody says about them.” 

The Wonderfully Weird t-shirts are $25.00 and come in a variety of sizes (S-XL).  

For more information about the shirts or to follow Brooklyn’s journey and her travels, be sure to connect via Instagram at @myjrjetsetter or at

She’s EmPOWERed: Meet Kaci Houston – Model, Rapper, Influencer and Superstar in the Making

At 10 years old, Kaci Houston is a mini mogul. The multi-talented Detroit tween is not only a rapper, actress and social media influencer, she’s also a positive (role) model for youth and adults alike. 

As the co-founder of K.T.M. Entertainment, Kaci uses her talents to inspire kids to pursue their passions while addressing social issues that impact their lives. 

“I was motivated to start my business because I found that kids just don’t have a lot of places in the entertainment industry to be creative and work with their peers, so I created just that,” Kaci said. 

“We are helping uplift the youth in our community with the arts and bringing awareness to issues that affect them.”

Kaci has taken her empowering messages on the road, performing at various events across the country and working with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club. 

In addition to her work with K.T.M. Entertainment, she also is the CEO of Kolours By Kaci the Model.

The young fashionista has been sashaying runways since she could walk and striking poses since she was an infant. 

But with all of the fame – she has well over 110K followers on Instagram – Kaci remains grounded. She is an anti-bullying advocate and encourages youth to follow their dreams. Her advice: “Go for it. The sky is your limit. It’s a hard work, but never give up.”

You can follow Kaci on Instagram at @kacithemodel.

She’s EmPOWERed: Miss Indiana Hopeful Helping Girls Stand Up to Bullying

At first glance, you can sense that there’s something special about Elayna Hasty. She’s confident, beautiful and poised. But you’d never know that once upon a time, the Miss Indiana hopeful and aspiring Miss America was teased and excluded as a kid.

“I was the new girl in school,” recalls Elayna, who is now 20 years old. “As soon as I walked into my homeroom, I was laughed at and mocked for something so simple as forgetting my gym shoes on the first day. That was only the beginning and it only got worse for me, as well as for one of my childhood friends.”

Elayna, like many young people, was bullied. But through it all, she learned many important lessons. Those lessons inspired her to create G.A.B. Girls (Girls Against Bullying).

She started the program in 2009 when she was only 9 years old. A decade later, she continues to run G.A.B. Girls, which is a movement that teaches people of all ages the importance of being a leader by standing up to bullying.

“We are a community of support as we encourage co-action, healthy self-esteem, and promote anti-bullying as well as suicide prevention,” Elayna said. “My motivation for founding G.A.B. Girls was to help my friend who was going through bullying and to empower others to stand up – not just for themselves – but others as well.”

In addition to running G.A.B. Girls, Elayna is a college student and reigning Miss Duneland 2022. The Miss Duneland competition is an official preliminary to the Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competitions.

Once she graduates with a bachelor’s degree, Elayna plans to attend law school. Her ultimate goal is to be a family attorney who works to help children who come from abusive households.

“I plan to continue G.A.B. Girls by furthering my reach nationally, as well as create more workshops tailored towards cyberbullying and suicide prevention,” she said.

Kudos to Elayna for using her platform to speak up and out against bullying. We wish her much success in her career and as she aims for the crowns!

Follow Elayna’s journey at:

Instagram: @g.a.b.girls
Facebook: G.A.B. Girls (Girls Against Bullying Girls)

She’s EmPOWERed: Seven-year-old Arlington author and entertainer uses creativity to educate and inspire kids around the world

Zoey Robinson is a seven-year-old girl on a mission to spread joy and creativity around the world. As a children’s book author, entertainer and kidpreneur, she’s using her gifts and talents to inspire others.

A Star is Born
If you visit her YouTube channel, you’ll quickly see why Zoey is a rising star. Her bright smile and enthusiasm will not only melt your heart but also motivate you to learn.

As the host of Zoey TV, Zoey uses her creativity to encourage kids to follow their dreams while promoting literacy.

Her very first feature – an anti-bullying challenge video – was filmed and published when Zoey was just a year old. A year later, she expressed her desire to be on YouTube. Her mom, Kesha, followed through with the request after watching Zoey re-enact her own show segments.

“I’m inspired most by Zoey’s confidence, her positive attitude and her ability to dream big without limitations,” said Kesha Robinson, Zoey’s mother.

Kesha, who’s also an entrepreneur and author, believes that parents can best support their children in following their dreams by being their biggest cheerleader and finding programs and activities that would help cultivate their gifts and talents.

The Future is Bright
Zoey has not only become an exceptional actress, but a phenomenal dancer, and model as well. She has been featured nationally and internationally in magazines as well as radio shows.

She is an established author as well. From “Zoey’s Book of Manners” to “Zoey’s Book of Affirmations,” Zoey has an impressive catalog of books that empower and educate.

In the future, Zoey plans to continue creating and promoting more books and businesses. With her drive and talent, we’re sure she’ll make it happen!

You can follow Zoey on Instagram and YouTube at @zoey_tv.

Empowered Flower Girl founder named to MentHer’s Top 20 Social Impact Founders List

IMG-20211216-WA0003Rasheda Kamaria Williams, chief empowering officer and founder of Empowered Flower Girl, has been named among MentHer magazine’sTop 20 Social Impact Founders.” Rasheda joins 19 other women around the globe named to the first annual list featured in the December issue of MentHer magazine, themed “Make Your Mark.”

The announcement was made during MentHer’s virtual Social Impact Summit on Dec. 16. 

“While attending the summit, I was surprised and honored to learn that I made the top 20 list,” Rasheda said. “The women on this list are doing some incredible work across the globe. I was shocked, yet humbled to be included. Empowered women empower women and work to help others realize their power to create change.”

The MentHer organization and magazine were founded by Ntsiki Mkhize, a South African social entrepreneur, author and model. The Social Impact Founder’s List, celebrates female founders making an impact through their business or non-profit. The 20 finalists collectively represent a combined 90 years of social impact work, over 140 jobs created, more than $14 million in annual revenue or grant funding and over 171,000 lives impacted.

About Empowered Flower Girl

Empowered Flower Girl is a social enterprise on a mission to transform the way young people relate to one another and themselves. The company provides resources and tools to help youth and youth advocates live above life’s drama (from cyberbullying to societal pressure) and make a powerful difference in the world. 

View or download the magazine here

She’s EmPOWERed: Katie’s Krops founder planting seeds of inspiration for youth

Sometimes the seeds of inspiration don’t take root until we’re older. But not for Katie Stagliano of South Carolina. She discovered her calling at just nine years old when she received a cabbage seedling from the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program. 

“I planted my seedling in my backyard. Every day I would come out with the watering can and water it.” she said. “I would fertilize the cabbage and weed around it. My family and I watched it grow and grow and grow in size.”

When her cabbage was fully grown, it weighed an astounding 40 pounds.

And just as her consistent care for the seedling sprouted a magnificent cabbage, it also sprouted a genuine interest in helping others. 

“In May of 2008, my family and I brought my cabbage to Tri-County Family Ministries. When I walked in, I saw a huge line of people waiting for what might be the only meal they would have that day,” she recalled. “The guests greeted me and asked if I grew the giant cabbage. When it was time to serve my cabbage to the guests, they thanked me for helping to feed them. My one cabbage helped to feed 275 people. 

After seeing how many people her one cabbage could feed, Katie thought about how many people can be fed from a full garden. 

And that was the inspiration for Katie’s Krops!

The mission of Katie’s Krops is to empower youth to start vegetable gardens and donate the produce to those in need, as well as inspire others to do the same.

“I started with a garden at my home, then my school but I quickly realized that the larger the gardens, the more gardens, the bigger the impact I could have on hunger. I decided to start supporting other youth to start their own Katie’s Krops garden ten years ago,” she added. 

Along with the fresh vegetables, the organization provides hot, healthy, and free garden-to-table meals at Katie’s Krops Dinners, where youth prepare and serve the dinners. 

Over the past 12 years, Katie’s Krops has donated more than 500,000 pounds of fresh produce to help people struggling with hunger and food insecurity across the United States and has served over 30,000 free meals.

Katies KropsGrowing Aspirations

In May of 2020, Katie graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in communications. And now at 23 years old, she operates Katie’s Krops full time. She aspires to expand the organization to have gardens in all 50 states and empower even more youth to grow a healthy end to hunger. 

“Overall, the goal of Katie’s Krops is to end hunger. I know that can be seen as a lofty goal, but working together, we can make a difference, one vegetable garden at a time,” she said.

Katie’s Krops Grower Grants Available: Apply by December 31, 2021

Kids ages 7-16 in the U.S. can apply to become a Katie’s Krops Grower and help end hunger in their community by starting a vegetable garden. Grantees receive an all-inclusive grower box, complete with everything necessary to start their own garden. Learn more and apply at

Keep up with Katie via social media:

Facebook: Katie’s Krops

Instagram: Katie’s Krops

Twitter: Katie’s Krops

Atlanta tween co-writes book to help boost girls’ self-esteem

Research suggests that many girls’ confidence takes a nosedive as early as eight years old. A 2018 poll found that their confidence drops by 30% from ages 8 to 14. It’s no surprise when many look to social media apps for likes and validation.

So what can we do to help boost girls’ self-esteem? Eight-year-old Lianna Dozier has some ideas. 

The Atlanta tween wrote a children’s book entitled Don’t Call Me Pretty

“I wanted to write a book for girls my own age, so they would love themselves and not go through bad things in life,” she said. “I started talking to my mom about things that bother me and things that make me insecure. I also asked her questions about what her life was like and how she felt as a little girl.”

So she and her mother, Lisamarie Thomas, co-wrote the book which helps girls “look at themselves in a good way instead of comparing themselves to everyone else.”

When I Grow Up

Even though she’s only eight, the  young author has big aspirations for her book and herself. 

She hopes to start an after-school program and charity for young girls to show them how to believe in themselves, even when they don’t. 

“I think that young children everywhere would love to have another child read a story that they wrote and speak to them on these things,” Lianna said. “I know that I am just a child but I think this is important. So I would like to help.” 

When she grows up, Lianna would like to be a doctor who helps kids. “I would like to become a child psychologist when I graduate from college. I have always wanted to help other kids and I believe that everyone can be a better person if they have someone to help them,” she added. 

Kudos to Lianna for taking a stand for girls and showing them that even in a world where beauty seems to be most important, they can challenge the status quo.

Follow Lianna and Lisamarie on Instagram at @Lisamarie _The_Author.

Don’t Call Me Pretty, by Lianna and Lisamarie