Empowered Flower Girl announces new workshops this spring and summer

Chica Chat combats bullying and cliques among tween/teen girls

Could your school or organization use a little help fostering positive relationships and communication among girls? Or would you like to add a fun and interactive workshop to your current activities? If so, consider hosting a Chica Chat – Empowered Flower Girl’s latest program promoting problem solving and combating teasing/bullying.  

What is a Chica Chat?

Chica Chat is a 2-hour workshop for girls and young women 11-18 that gives them the opportunity to be self expressed, heard and understood by their peers and adult mentors. Participants learn the art of networking by participating in fun and engaging icebreaking activities and have the opportunity to ask questions anonymously that are answered by their peers with facilitation by adult mentors.

Empowered Flower Girl is offering the Chica Chat this spring and summer in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Live outside of these areas, call or email us for suggestions or a consultation.

Other workshops:

Intro to Vision Boards – EFG takes arts and crafts time to a new level. Participants learn the art of positive thinking and visualization as a method of goal setting. This workshop is available for girls and boys. Each participant leaves with a vision board.

Power Tools for Flower Girls – Based on principles from Empowered Flower Girl’s guidebook , this workshop promotes powerful living through knowledge, self-appreciation and integrity. Participants complete written activities and discuss ways they can empower others.

Contact Rasheda Kamaria for more information about our programs and products. Email rkamaria@empoweredflowergirl.com.

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