She’s EmPOWERed: Young CEO and author helps kids understand finances

Did you know that April is National Financial Literacy Month? It is. This year marks the 20th anniversary for the observance aimed at empowering individuals to improve their personal and household financial stability and success.

And although she’s nowhere near 20, Ahmenra Johnson is an expert in helping kids understand finances. The seven-year-old CEO and author has been in business since she was a toddler! 

At the age of three, Ahmenra’s mother decided that it was important for her to understand and have a firm foundation in financial literacy and entrepreneurship. 

“She said financial literacy and entrepreneurship are important to know to help me navigate the real world as I got older,” Ahmenra explained. “I had my very first board meeting at a Fortune 500 company and I am the owner of six businesses.”

That’s right. Ahmenra is an experienced CEO and she’s not even in middle school. 

In addition to running her companies (with the help of her mom), Ahmenra is the author of seven books that are part of “Noodle, The Astrogirl CEO Learning Series,” where the focus is on teaching children that there is no age requirement to own a business or to become an author.

“My Mother teaches me that at the root of every social interaction, there is financial literacy and/or entrepreneurship embedded in the experience. I like to learn how I can monetize what I learn in school,” Ahmenra added. “For instance, one of my businesses is my very own home school, Astrokid Academics LLC. I learn so much about financial literacy and entrepreneurship that I am able to use lessons from my very own learning series to help me understand how to be an effective entrepreneur.”

An “Astrokid” with Aspirations

Ahmenra isn’t only an author and business owner. She also is a competitive dancer, competitive swimmer and on her way to getting a black belt in Tang Soo Do Martial Arts. 

Her plan is to go to community college for engineering because she’s an aspiring astrophysicist. “Then, I am going to attend Juilliard for dance and while I am dancing, I want to train to be an Olympic swimmer, too. I have many goals that I am going to accomplish as I get older,” she concluded.

With her ambition, determination and passion, we have no doubt that Ahmenra will achieve these and other goals. We can’t wait to see it happen!

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Tips and Tricks for Students Who Want to Start a Business but Have Limited Funds

Starting a business as a student can be a great way to get a head start on your career. The one drawback of being a young entrepreneur is that you may lack capital or startup funds. Don’t stress. Business ownership isn’t out of reach, even if you aren’t rolling in cash. Here are some tips and tools to help you start a business with little financial resources.

Explore Low-Cost Businesses

Research cost-efficient business models to minimize your need for startup capital.

  • Check out business ideas that don’t require a lot of cash, like web development or travel planning.
  • Skip the cost of hiring people by pursuing solopreneurship. Possible ideas range from freelance writing to coaching.
  • Avoid paying commercial rent with a home-based business model, like personal training or fixing broken electronics.

Get Creative When Finding Ways to Cut Startup Costs

Try these hacks for minimizing your financial needs as a young business owner.

Try a Diversity of Funding Options

Traditional bank loans are just one of the many options available when it comes to financing your business. Here are some alternatives.

Embrace Free and Low-Cost Promotional Tools

You don’t have to spend big bucks on fancy ads and marketing. Here are some affordable tools to help raise your business’s profile.

If you’re a cash-strapped student with limited capital, starting a business might seem out of reach. It doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re using royalty-free videos to market your business or planning a fundraising event, the above guide provides some pointers to help you get your entrepreneurial journey off on the right foot, even if you aren’t rich.

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Empowering Teens Through Service

April is National Volunteer Month and people of all ages can become catalysts for change and make an impact that lasts a lifetime. Young people, especially, can benefit from volunteering and engaging in community service. 

Giving Back Makes an Impact for Youth 

Volunteering is a great way to get teens and young adults involved and make a difference. There are many benefits of volunteering, including developing new skills, building self-confidence, and making new friends.

“Volunteering can be a great way to explore interests and find out more about the causes you care about,” said Rasheda Kamaria Williams, founder and chief empowering officer for Empowered Flower Girl. “You can learn more about yourself and the world around you, while also helping others.”

From local schools, libraries, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations – there are  many different types of volunteering opportunities available for young people right in their communities.

“You can also get involved with national or international organizations that work on issues that you’re passionate about,” Rasheda added. 

How to Get Involved 

There are many ways for young people to get involved in volunteering opportunities. Here are a few ideas:

1. Check with your local community center, library, or recreation center. Many of these organizations offer volunteer opportunities for teens.

2. Contact your city or county government offices. Many cities and counties have programs that allow young people to volunteer in their community.

3. Look for volunteer opportunities at local schools or after-school programs. Many schools offer opportunities for students to help out in their community.

4. Ask family and friends if they know of any volunteering opportunities in your area. They may know of something that you didn’t know about!

5. Use the internet to search for volunteer opportunities in your area. There are many websites that list different types of volunteering opportunities.

By combining volunteer work with school-based activities, students can gain invaluable life experience while challenging themselves to do more good in their local communities. Not only does volunteering provide guidance for teens as they develop key skills such as communication and leadership – it also conveys an important message about helping others that will stay with them for life.

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