Be the change. Inspire sisterhood

After facilitating Chica Chat workshops for the past three and half years, I noticed a common desire among participants: Girls actually want positive, cordial relationships with other girls.

However some don’t feel confident enough to break the ice. They have a desire to create lasting bonds, but fear vulnerability. Results of our surveys show that the higher girls’ ability in expressing their feelings to others the more likely they are to have satisfaction in friendships.

Who can blame them for their hesitation when popular reality TV shows depict women as drama queens engaged in cat fights, backstabbing and other devious behaviors.

But there’s hope. We can transform the way girls and young women relate to one another. We can be mentors and positive role models. We can turn off the TV and have real conversations with the girls and young women in our lives. We can surround ourselves with uplifting, encouraging and authentic people.

It starts with us.

Chica Chat: Inspiring Sisterhood promotes empowering friendships

Participants in the Youth on the Edge of Greatness (YOE) summer program on Detroit’s eastside experienced Empowered Flower Girl’s upgraded Chica Chat workshop “Inspiring Sisterhood.” Approximately 24 girls participated in the Chica Chat, which was offer in conjuntion with YOE’s Girl Talk session. The group of 8-14 year olds explored friendships, frenemies, cyberbullying and stereotyping while learning problem-solving techniques and new ways to relate and communicate with others.

The Chica Chat: Inspiring Sisterhood workshop will be offered again on Aug. 16, 2014 as part of the I Feel Good: Mind, Body and Soul women’s conference at Wayne State University. For more information, visit the event website.