She’s EmPOWERed: Jet-setting teen encourages others to embrace their uniqueness with Wonderfully Weird campaign 

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It’s a proverb that has been recited for centuries. But for many people, words do hurt. And for others, words are motivation.  

Meet Brooklyn D. – a talented, artistic and unique 14-year-old girl with a kind spirit.  

Last month, a few girls at her school attempted to break her spirit by teasing her, writing “Brooklyn is wird (weird)” on the bathroom wall. Brooklyn was understandably upset. 

But she wasn’t defeated. She didn’t let those words break her. Instead, she worked with her aunt to create the ultimate clap back.  

Brooklyn embraced the moniker and decided that she’s “Wonderfully Weird.” 

With her aunt’s help, she launched the campaign and designed a special t-shirt in support and celebration of anyone who’s been bullied for being uniquely themselves.  

“I created the shirts to let people know to be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin,” said Brooklyn, creator of the Jr. Jetsetter travel blog. “We want to encourage them to be themselves and to not care what anybody says about them.” 

The Wonderfully Weird t-shirts are $25.00 and come in a variety of sizes (S-XL).  

For more information about the shirts or to follow Brooklyn’s journey and her travels, be sure to connect via Instagram at @myjrjetsetter or at