Get Noticed: No-cost tools to promote your program

For many do gooders (especially social entrepreneurs, nonprofit directors and coaches), modesty and meekness are exalted virtues. But for those of you who want to expand your impact in the community and ultimately the world – silence isn’t golden.

There is no glory in your program being a best kept secret. After all, keeping secrets is rude.

Over the years, my company Empowered Flower Girl has garnered the attention of news writers and producers, bloggers and other journalists.

Why? Because we make a conscious effort to reach out to them.

I suggest you do the same to promote your program, especially if you offer services or products that make a difference for people.

But I’m not a PR person, you say.

Even if you have no clue how to contact a reporter, you can still gain coverage for your program or even your expertise.

How, you ask? HARO (Help A Reporter Out). I recommend anyone who runs a program – and doesn’t yet have a marketing and media relations team – to sign up for HARO. It’s FREE.

You’ll get daily inquiries from reporters and producers from a variety of media outlets.

Still not convinced you have what it takes? Contact me and ask about Empowered Flower Girl’s Unknown to Renowned media and community outreach program.

Rasheda Kamaria is a mentor turned social entrepreneur on a mission to transform the way young people relate to one another. She is a communications professional and founder/chief empowering officer for Empowered Flower Girl. A survivor of bullying, Rasheda was featured in the May 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in the article “Being Bullied Changed My Life.” Visit

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