April is National Card/Letter Writing Month

As a fourth grader, I recall the excitement I felt when our teacher announced that we were starting a penpal program with a sister school on the other side of town. The anticipation of receiving a letter each week was exciting. Equally as exciting was writing the letter to my penpal.
Fastforward to the 21st century and it seems electronic communication has replaced pen and paper as a more modern and effective way to keep in touch. These days, text messages, emails and tweets keep us informed of news and happenings in the world and in the lives of our friends and family.
But this month, Americans are encouraged to communicate the old-fashioned way.
April is National Card and Letter Writing Month (NCLWM), an annual observance sponsored by the US Postal Service, of course!
“Sure, email and texting is quick and convenient, and Facebook has photos and videos, but nothing beats the thrill and excitement of opening your mailbox and finding a personal letter addressed to you,” U.S. Postal Service Judicial Officer William Campbell said last year during a dedication ceremony for the NCLWM Forever stamp.
So for one day, put away those smartphones and tablets and put the ink to the paper and write a note to someone special in your life.

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