Stand Up to Bullies

Groups form alliances to combat bullying

Students, parents, teachers and youth advocates around the country are rallying against bullying and taking a stand for young people. People are no longer accepting teasing, harassment and hazing as child’s play.


The fact is: bullying is not a milestone in adolescent development.  


Are you willing to Stand4Change?

Defeat the Label has teamed with “We Are The World” producer Ken Kragen for a national initiative called Stand4Change.

On May 4, students around the nation will take part in Stand4Change to highlight the bullying issue.  

The plan is for students to stand up at noon (EST) on Friday, May 4, in protest to bullying.   

Visit to learn more.


About Defeat The Label

Defeat The Label is a 501(c)3 organization that creates critical awareness of bullying issues among middle school and high school aged students. This is accomplished through the creation of awareness campaigns, community outreach, special events and the implementation of the Anti-Defamation League in-school curriculum.  


Speaking of standing for change, have you been on YouTube lately?

Screen shot from Megan Landry's "Stronger"

I was touched and inspired by a music video from 15-year-old Megan Landry, an aspiring singer and songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario.  

The 10th grader has been creating a buzz online (nearly 45,000 views) after speaking out against “mean girl” bullying with her song “Stronger.”

Megan shared with me in an online interview that she was picked on by girls in her school.  

“It’s an awful feeling not knowing when they will make fun of you and exclude you and give you dirty looks. They used to be my friends,” she said.  

I can relate. In May 2011, I shared my story of being alienated, harassed and taunted with tens of thousands of Cosmopolitan magazine readers in the article “Being Bullied Changed My Life.” While Megan and I are from different countries and different cultural backgrounds, the experience is the same.

Fortunately, we both found ways to stand up to bullying in a way that was empowering and encouraging.

“Everybody gets bullied though at some point; it’s a power thing . . . that’s what inspired me to write this song,” Megan said. “They will never tear me down. I will only get stronger.”

 Kudos to Megan for sharing how she went from bullied to empowered.  

 Check out her video on YouTube.


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