Empowered Flower Girl founder Rasheda Kamaria shares bullying experiences in Cosmopolitan magazine’s May issue

Rasheda Kamaria, long-time mentor and founder of Empowered Flower Girl LLC, is featured in Cosmopolitan’s May issue in an article highlighting adult women who overcame being bullied and teased as teens.

Rasheda Kamaria as a 7th grader

In the article “Being Bullied Changed My Life,” Rasheda and two other women share how repeated teasing and harassment affected their lives both negatively and positively.

According to a recent poll, 87 percent of Cosmo readers reported being targeted by a bully in the past.

Rasheda, who grew up in Detroit and lives in Royal Oak, Mich., said in spite of being teased as a seventh and eighth grader, she developed into a successful adult. “I have a happy, full life now – a great job and close friends,” she said in the article. “But I hate the idea of kids going through what I endured, so last year, I launched Empowered Flower Girl.”

Empowered Flower Girl produces workshops, literature and clothing that inspire girls to live powerfully. This spring and summer, Rasheda is facilitating “Chica Chat™” workshops to foster positive relationships and combat cliques and cyber bullying among tween and teens girls.

“Chica Chat™ participants have the opportunity to be self expressed, heard and understood by their peers and adult mentors in a supportive, safe and accepting environment,” Rasheda said. “Many teens don’t have this experience at school because of the taunting. It’s our goal to show them that it’s possible to live powerfully even if they’re being picked on and ostracized.”

Check out Cosmo’s May issue with Hayley Williams of Paramore on the cover.

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